Bueno Barato
An initiative to raise awareness towards the consumer power of strenght in numbers.
If a dozen dudes/dudettes join up and wants to buy the same thing. Corporations are instantly willing to offer 20-30% discount due to the volume marginals they get. This is BuenoBarato.es.
We start off in Spain (though we done similar stuff in Sweden and Finland with over 300.000 consumers getting discount on electricity and insurances) so if you're a spanish resident or if you are spending time in Spain then you should join. It's always free and you WILL get benefits from what we negociate.
Welcome to Bueno Barato (means good and cheap en español).
Un tercer ojo para descuentos = A third eye to discounts.
Everyone is to join!
Did you know that a couple of dozen consumers can create discounts between 20-30% from corporations straight off the bat. And that goes for almost any industry. We want to know what happens when 500.000 does the same thing.
Join BuenoBarato.es
Rough early draft of the website. A simple communication and obvious call to action. This service is free and we can think of really NO reson for everyone with connection to Spain to not join our quest.
iPad presentation and sales tool - Swedish version
We sell BuenoBarato.es both online and via direct sales eye to eye to get our message out to people. Currently 90% of everyone we talk to join the quest towards REAL consumer power in Spain.
iPad presentation and sales tool
International version of the iPad application.
iPad presentation and sales tool
Sign up and connection to payment via iZettle or Visa/Mastercard.
Front page in hand out information concering BuenoBarato.es
Facebook competition to share the cause and win iPhone 5C for you and one of your friends.
Back of flyer where people join the community, submit their information and sign up for newsletter and to start earning money on everyday stuff with our discounts.

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