PP Pension - retirement funds/pension for the mediaindustry.
Another one of Creative Space longest relationships. And another client which we did expand what is generally considered and advertising agency's responsibilities.
At our first brainstorm together we saw the challenge in staying top of mind with a tight budget. So we created an advertising- and mediablog where we could inspire our main targetgroup on a daily basis while "attacking" them with telemarketing on a later stage. This was the birth of reklamsverige.se and mediesverige.se.
Splashpage with "SEO-bombs".
Subpage after splashpage interaction.
Further down the structure of the site.
One iteration of Reklamsverige.se, as presented by PP Pension.
One of many many ads for PP Pension. Triggering leads to both pppension.se and mediesverige.se.
Ad aimed at media freelancers where PP Pension would come to assist on a daily basis.

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