Haus of Lenny
This lifestyle and fashion brand is an on going venture with an ambition to disrupt the industry and keep a high recognition. We focus on getting funky talents through our door to always have a product and a delivery that generates true mouth to mouth marketing.
Our e-commerce at could use you attention here ;)
We work exclusively with unique partnerships so please inbox me here at Behance to grab the future by the balls!
The "answer" to our signature t-shirt ;)
Recruitment poster.
Packaging silk paper.
Screen printed 2016 calendar.
The year of the deer.
Detail of the calendar.
Please contact us!
Style treat on our Lenny selects offer.
Internal launch ad.
Detail of our label for the Lenny beanie.
Thanks for watching.
Please appreciate and please please please follow the links and make your environment proud!

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