Sällsynta diagnoser
Rare Diseases (Sällsynta diagnoser) is one of the clients that Creative Space are most proud of serving. Starting out i early 2009, Sällsynta diagnoser came to our doorstep wanting a simple redesign of their existing website. As always we wanted a better brief and understanding of what they were REALLY doing and were in need of so we proposed a workshop.
The result was a ralley to four medical and assistance corporations with a pitch for partnership in our newly discovered venture. Sällsynta was to become the main centrepiece in the industry in order to fulfill their agenda and mission. 
This was in 2009. Below you can see some of the progress leading up to today.
The latest incarnation of the website.
An invitation to a whole new golf tournament and event we named "One rare day".
The very first splashpage back in 2009.
The welcome page from 2009. After the splashpage.
A campaignsite for an photo-exhibition.
A microsite for a combo seminar/book that Sällsynta diagnoser produced together with Creative Space.

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