Online casino and sportsbook site SuperLenny. Built on a white label solution that we hacked from every possible angle. Easy navigation and super fast base layout and immersive game play environments created this beast of a casino.
Television commercial airing in Sweden and Norway.
When we took decision to make Lenny a deer in a suit and dub him Super, we also got the task to create a TVC to launch the dude. Together with Swedish agency Morgenland we produced this commercial based on the fact that a deer in a suit would quite rapidly pick up on a fan base. That fan base would most likely sing tributes to Lenny as they earned more and more green on his casino and sportsbook.
This is the most accurate depiction of Lenny you will EVER see. Let's keep him the myth he deserves to be. Sound good!?
The logotype and the silouette and the payoff and everything else we got planned for the future.
What we dubbed a splash layer (a visor covering the main site) left the site loading in the back while we had time presenting the user with our brand. Most casino sites have the same games and similar bonuses so the main differentiator is the brand itself. A manifest movie with iconic sport moments narrated by Lenny himself took center stage.
Can be dragged away on touch screens or clicked away on desktop.
The sportsbook start page. Gold vintage treat for the main carousel image, yeah it's Neymar Jr.
Easy to click betting odds and a CSS hacked A-Z navigation made up most of the content.
Landing page for the last campaign in the Brazil World Cup 2014. Lenny had a blast, and off course he had predicted Germany as winners ;)
The live event page. For tennis. And all the different markets/odds you can bet on below.
The league page. Odds going up and down. It's an ever changing world out there dudes and dudettes.
The Betslip. The most important functionality in the sportsbook. Some say this is the best UXed and designed betslip in the industry of iGaming. Yeah, true the same guys are paying our salaries, but none the less.
Design detail. Adding some scruffiness to the otherwise pretty clean look and feel.
Landing page from an CRM email bonanza.
Default state. Mouse over. Click with animation within the casino lobby.
Two game play environments. Blood suckers and Victorious. Lenny is getting low down and dirty with the underlying strategies from each game. This is his desktop.
SuperLenny stylesheet example. Betslip, colours and states explained.
Off course, any modern casino and sportsbook must be able to cater for it's users even on the go.
Facebook header image during World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
Merchandising T-Shirt. He knows.
FIrst iteration of the logo when the name was decided upon. Call it a bonus round :)
There is love for Lenny below ;)

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