Sweden most renowned stand-up comedy club wanted to have a look at their outdated site. Creative Space got the inspiring mission to take comedy to the next level.
Raw Comedy Club logotype.
Basic site surfing conceptual flowchart.With Tap&Hold even for the desktop site. To change "worlds" between the hotel offering and the actual comedy club.
Start page with news feed and comedy acts laid out in a creative manner against a white concrete backdrop. Real life objects scattered all over the page to emphasize the rough experience you can expect when chairing down in front of Swedens most hard core comedians.
Site detail. Note the magnet. When mouse cursor closes in on the sides of the site, images from the two different worlds/photo galleries are "magnetically" pulled from the edges.
Rollovers as blood stains.
Site detail #2. Wall sprayed Facebook campaign push on the backdrop concrete.
Sub page.
Comedy club photo gallery from the aftermath of the night. As full screen images pulled in from the sides of the site.
More photos. Now from the other side/world. The Hilton Hotel.
The longer you stay on the site the more gore and messy the page becomes.

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